Reinier de Jong Design
Coolhaven terras 2d
3024 AT Rotterdam
The Netherlands
tel: +31-645724852


Reinier de Jong designs furniture, interior and architecture for both professional and private clients. He has created several acclaimed furniture designs and award-winning architectural designs. His work combines contrasting qualities. It is lucid yet intriguing, contemporary yet timeless. Some of his work is designed to offer the opportunity to be adapted, adjusted or personalized.

VOLT table

VOLT is a table of which the legs and top seem to have melted together. Faceted surfaces yet a fluent, continuous shape. Dynamic and at the same time minimal. A table that seems impossible like an Escher drawing. It continues to fascinate due to its elusive appearance. And last but not least: it’s by all means a practical table with four legs and space for six chairs. VOLT is 75 cm high (2.5 ft) and the table top measures 220 cm (7.2 ft) by 100 cm (3.3 ft). The table is spray painted and can be produced in various colours.

REK bookcase

REK is a bookcase that grows with your book collection. The more books, the bigger the bookcase. The zigzag shaped parts slide in or out to accommodate books in the resulting voids. REK will always be full regardless of the amount of books. The books can be arranged according to size including big atlases. The narrow spaces are excellent for storing magazines. REK also serves very well as a showcase with just a few carefully selected artworks instead of books.