designlabel Vij5
Debussystraat 2
5654 SC Eindhoven
the Netherlands
tel: +31-624527531


"Vij5 is a young Dutch design label, founded by Arjan van Raadshooven and Anieke Branderhorst. Together they design the majority of the product collection, but next to that they actively seek collaboration with other young designers. The products of Vij5 are characterized by simplicity and the use of existing elements. Recently the design of the FlexVase won a Dutch Design Award in the category ‘Best consumer product 2009’!"


Always a vase that fits your flowers! The porcelain FlexVase consists of a base part with three different inserts. The inserts can be exchanged to adapt the vase to the bouquet it holds. Based on the canning jar principle, a practical clip holds the pieces together while giving the vase a simple decoration.

Winner Dutch Design Awards
category best consumer product 2009

a Piece of Carpet

A mature carpet of 100% wool felt with a playful charm. The shape and size are adaptable to the interior. Each set consists of a series of puzzle tiles in 5 different shapes. For example it is possible to make a square carpet, a rectangular carpet, a cornered layout, etc.

Ontwerpduo together with Vij5

The lamp Lloop is adjustable in height by extending or shortening the loops in the electricity cable. These loops are created with wooden spools . With this the function becomes the decoration, simple and clear with no hidden techniques.

Available in three different types: Lloop basic (adjustable in height),Lloop wall (adjustable in height and can be placed on the wall) and Lloop table (adjustable in height and can be placed directly on the table).

Floris Hovers together with Vij5

Separate wooden parts and approximately 110 meters of rope result in the design of the stool Wrapped. By simply wrapping the rope around, the construction is fixed, without using glue or screws. The designer creates every stool himself, in his workshop in the Netherlands. The industrial handwork of Floris Hovers is  characterized by simple and clear industrial shapes and constructions.

(Wrapped is a translation of the word “ingewikkeld” in Dutch where it means both ‘wrapped’ and ‘complicated’ in one single word.)

Chair #29
Paolo Pedretti together with Vij5

A chair where function and construction come together in a detailed language of form and a clear silhouette. This chair is the result of a form analysis of a traditional chair. With this project Paolo Pedretti graduated at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. After his graduation a part of this research has been continued with Dutch Designlabel Vij5, resulting in the design of Chair #29.