Willem Deridder
Boschdijk 337
5621 JA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
tel: +31-642215136


"The conceptual focus of DeridderDesignstudio is on existing products and the way people treat them. Founder Willem Deridder believes that many mass-produced items deserve more appreciation and care in respect to the way they are manufactured and distributed. By showing the forgotten or hidden beauty of these products he creates new responsibilities and perspectives."

Undercover Beauty

White laminated furniture is well known around the world, it is cheap, practical and easy to produce.

A thin layer of white composite laminate hides the low quality fiber wood panels underneath and creates a universal but anonymous appearance.

China is one of the main producers of these products and exports them worldwide. Without any added beauty or cultural identity, the products reach their destination for their often temporary use.

Another well known Chinese export product is the Peony flower. Producing it takes time and care and to let it bloom takes even longer, making it a luxurious and exclusive product. The flower is very strong and can get really old. Peony flowers are considered as a national symbol by Chinese people and they represent happiness, respect, prestige, wealth and prosperity.

Undercover Beauty combines both icons resulting in a rich and honest new product. The engraved flower shows the beauty of a cheap construction. Appreciating and accentuating the character of a cheap product rather than hiding it brings about a totally new perspective and responsibility.

Material: laminated chipboard
Size: 240 x 228 x 35 cm