Made by rENs
Van Beethovenlaan 31
5654 EB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
tel: +31-633056924

"Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren have continued their collaboration after their graduation as ‘rENs’. By combining their lines of thought they create a uniqueness in their work. As designers they try to influence the way people look at everyday things to challenge the way they perceive the world around them. Their designs are characterized by clarity and integrity."


A series of plates that makes the eater prolong his or her time span of eating. These plates are inspired by the “warming plates” that people used in former times. Due to the prolonged dining time the warm meal becomes even more tasty.


The light is not used for functional purposes. Therefore the lamp is able to be an “object”. The lamp is moving within its own space. In this way we are giving the lamp a self-contained identity.

Kopje Kopje

Kopje Kopje is inspired by the puppet shows we remember from our childhood. The characters of Kopje Kopje are “Princess” and “Little Red Riding Hood”. We chose these two since these figures bring back our childhood “puppet” memories the most. Some of them just peep over the edge of the cup, observing daily life, while others ‘stay inside’. Kopje Kopje is handmade, each cup is unique.


The size, shape en proportions of the little cupboard influence the meaning and emotional value of its contents. Having provided the cupboard with only one drawer, its user/owner will have to make a conscious decision about what to put in. This makes the cupboard special.


The size of the cup seduces you by its size, the content however is rather small. This is where an encounter comes about between mass and individuality. The unambiguous shape of the McDonalds cup is being united with a traditional English teacup